This Fourth Edition of "Joining the War at Sea 1939-1945" covers North Atlantic convoys and landings by U.S. amphibious Divisions and Rangers to wrest the Mediterranean from Axis control. Casablanca, Sicily, Salerno, Anzio and Southern France. Told by an officer on fire support destroyer USS Edison DD-439. Includes the loss of the U.S. destroyer Ingraham in convoy AT-20, U.S. destroyer Buck on Anzio duty, key Mediterranean convoy transits and loss of HMT Rohna, HMS Penelope, HMS Spartan and SS Paul Hamilton, U.S. destroyers Maddox, Lansdale, and Beatty and British Rescue Ship Toward. 300 ships are noted. 376-pages; 44-page Index; 45 Illustrations.

For fast lookup on 300 ships, Army Divisions, and hundreds of battle locations, Dutch scholar Pieter Graf's 44-page Index is a gem. For major war events, by nation, from 1935-41, the author has created four tables, pages 388, 389,390 and 391, in the Fourth Edition. The first table's first event is Ethiopia invaded in 1935, and the last of 21 listed key events is in the table on page 391, the Uniited State's decision to change its war status on May 27, 1941, from 'Belligerent Neutrality to Unlimited National Emergency.' A question many ponder in 2014, with the acquisition of Crimea and "separatist' activity in eastern Ukraine, "Is Europe at it again?"

Near the end of this book the author contemplates his ship's move to the war in the Pacific. He turns to another eyewitness, a Navy pilot whose radio announcement to his battle group's Admiral began an event known as Taffy Three. That pilot was forced to amplify his original sighting report with, "These ships have pagoda masts!"

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